Friday, May 15

Did you know that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich originally had a hung jury on all but one count of his corruption charges? The judge didn’t get weird and ask for briefs about whether it was constitutional to retry the guy. They just retried him, which resulted in convictions and eight years in prison before President Trump eventually pardoned him. Regardless, I want to see him and Larry Inman on celebrity boxing shows after the Inman case is resolved.

Larry Inman and Wayne Schmidt aren’t saying much about the Coronavirus situation and their stance on the government shut down. Schmidt has told schools to brace for cuts. What did they think would happen when they outlaw the majority of sales that are subject to sales tax, which funds the schools. In fact, Schmidt went on the record on April 16 expressing no urgency whatsoever when it comes to reopening the economy. So he and everyone else that is projecting a loss to the schools are only getting the predictable result from championing a long-term economic shutdown. Actions have consequences.

Lawmakers are also grandstanding that there are going to be major cuts to law enforcement budgets. To that I say good. Law enforcement in Northern Michigan is unaccountable and toxic. The cycle of former soldiers filtering into police roles in the post-9/11 era has militarized the police, among other factors. They see themselves as rulers, rather than servants. Starving the police departments to shrink them might reduce the attitudes that threaten our safety and freedom.

I call on Larry Inman and Wayne Schmidt to state in no uncertain terms whether they support the current executive orders and why or why not.

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2 thoughts on “Friday, May 15”

  1. “Lawmakers are also grandstanding that there are going to be major cuts to law enforcement budgets.”

    Yeah, right?

    With recreational pot legal in Michigan, don’t local and state LEO’s have a significant amount of additional resources available? Officer hours, administrative hours, less time in court, less time on surveillance, etc. How have they lowered their budgets in response?

    And on that topic, how much more TIME does Moggenberg’s office have available now that they are no longer wasting it on petty pot charges? Same goes for the court administration, etc.

    I suppose there also ought to be more jail capacity, now that a joint isn’t sending people up Bensley’s dirty river.

    Countless reports have said drug sniffing dogs that indicate on pot are being retired because the dogs are no longer useful and cannot be untrained. A similar shift should be seen in other aspects of the “System”.

    Seems like there should be significant budget cuts on that basis alone.

  2. Agree on the fact that police budgets should be cut…but while we are at it, how about cutting OUT the bad cops who just shift from one place to another…..and the early “retirements” for those that have broken laws….and lets get all those rape kits run, not buy another old military vehicle!!! How about we take away some of the unbridled power and unchecked “authority” and add in a lot more ACCOUNTABILITY! I’m old enough to remember when cops and the entire court system were respected for the work they did FOR the citizens they served…….and not just about “conviction numbers! They are all more of a disgrace than hero’s now!

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