Friday Thoughts and Follies 6/8/18

So I’m still thinking about this animal control investigation thing. It’s interesting that the news found out about it the very second that it happened. Between that, Beth Olosky and the daycare licensing issue and the Paula Lipinski case, I’ve noticed that government officials around here have a trend. They publicize the actions that they take against people long before the person ever has a chance to respond to the accusations. They blast it all over the news. In the Deb Zerafa case, they don’t even give any hint as to what she supposedly did wrong. All they say is that they’re the government and we should all stop trusting/supporting this person because they’re so bad they ought to be starring in Michael Jackson videos.

I guess my question is how does it help? How did it help for the daycare licensing people to do a press release on shuttering Beth Olosky’s┬ábusiness in the midst of a messy divorce? How did it help the public to know that Paula Lipinski was arrested the moment it happened? What does the government have to gain by bragging about the people it takes down before they have any kind of due process? Trying the cases in the court of public opinion? We all know that’s wrong. Are they trying to scare the rest of us? That if we’re not quiet and looking down, they can take us out with a moment’s notice too?

And why did Upnorthlive print a story on Deb Zerafa without knowing any real information? Why not just wait for these things to play out and then report on real information? You don’t have to print every press release that lands on your desk. You can stick to giving us the weather as the top headline.

On the upside, we get Legally Blonde 3. The plot line is that Elle Woods gets an LLM at Cooley.

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