George Floyd: Grand Traverse County Isn’t Doing Enough

The George Floyd homicide made national news because it was caught on video. Here’s why Grand Traverse County should be concerned:

  1. The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Department does not see themselves as humble community law-enforcement partners. Proof: Sheriff Bensley thinks you exist to raise ticket revenue to fund his department.
  2. The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department refuses to use dash cams or body cams. They’re too good at law enforcement to need them, Sheriff Bensley explains they don’t need them because their officers are perfect¬†(that’s what the Minneapolis police would have said, too, if there hadn’t been a video).
  3. The Grand Traverse County Commission sits in silence. Not one Grand Traverse County Commissioner has called on Sheriff’s Bensley to join the 21st century and use cameras. With their silence, they do not care what the police might do to people in our community.

Here is a rundown of what I found on Grand Traverse Commissioner social media:

Betsy Coffia’s Facebook page is blown up telling people to be afraid of COVID.

Robert Hentschel’s Facebook page is random family photos and other non-political stuff.

Brad Jewett has a bunch of posts about old age. (Mmkay?)

Gordon LaPointe has a post about prayer at the county commission meetings.

Not one County Commissioner has any bit of insight about the issue of the sheriff’s department refusing to use cameras. No thoughtfulness from them about how that defiance might lead to a George Floyd incident happening without reckoning in our community.¬†Silence is acquiescence.

That can’t happen here, can it?

13th Circuit Court Judge Thomas Power has previously come under fire for alleged racial disparities in sentencing.

Please, Grand Traverse County Commissioners, step up and ask Sheriff Bensley why they don’t have cameras. Before it’s too late.


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3 thoughts on “George Floyd: Grand Traverse County Isn’t Doing Enough”

  1. “step up and ask Sheriff Bensley”

    Bensley probably thinks the film and processing would cost too much.

    He just needs to go see Jim at Blue Photo.

  2. Without cameras there is no transparency, accountability, integrity, honor, service, humility, restraint and proper use of “training”. The lack of responsibility to the community speaks volumes for the deep level of corruption within this community. After all, if they had to wear body cams, they wouldn’t be able to commit murders on the homless like they have in most recent past, or run people over on bicycles, and do fake investigations to cover it up….
    Or cover up local business members/owners for tax evasion while staging a death….

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