Grand Traverse County Administrator Interviews Are Underway

Interviews are going on for the Grand Traverse County Administrator position.

Tracey Cordes already decided that she’s not interested. To explain withdrawing her application,¬†she says that she’s happy where she’s at in Gratiot County. But that doesn’t explain why she applied for the gig in the first place.

Whoever they name as Grand Traverse County Administrator will take the place of fake County Administrators Nathan Alger, Christopher Forsyth and Dean Bott. Vicki Uppal held the job for approximately four months from September 2017 to January 2018. Jean Derenzy also briefly held the post.

I have a feeling that they are going to go with the next in line, Nathan Alger. If they pick anyone else, it’s going to be kind of like the part in the Sound of Music where Maria shows up to be the caretaker for the kids and the housekeeper looks at her and says, “I hope you stay longer than the last one. She stayed only four hours.” And the children proceed to put spiders and frogs in their bed until the person runs away screaming. Only in this case the children are the locals and the spiders and frogs are whatever they’re going to do to chase someone out of town who isn’t from here and isn’t one of their own. But I’ll be amazed if we even get to that point.

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