Grand Traverse County Budget Proposal

Grand Traverse County Administrators have their first look at their next proposed budget. The budget proposes raises for current employees. You say Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), I say a raise. In the private sector, COLA isn’t really a thing…so…

The proposed budget has a modest payment to the county’s poorly-funded pension balance. According to the Record Eagle, we’re 55 million funded of a 98 million liability, or 56% funded. They’re proposing a payment of 5.9 million in the new budget, which gets us over 60 percent. Still nothing worth handing out slices of pie.

I really liked the point that one commenter made that Bensley was at the commission pleading for money to presumably give his buddy a raise when he appoints them as undersheriff, but he wasn’t there begging for funds for mental health for jail inmates who commit suicide at intolerably high rates. Personally, I don’t believe that somehow the jail’s physical structure¬†could be responsible for high suicide rates. It only makes sense that the jail was patterned after the design of other jails built¬†around the same time, and there’s no proven link between jails of the era and disproportionately high suicide rates. The likely culprits of the high suicide rates are 1. undisciplined employees 2. complacent employees, and 3. a lack of access to meaningful mental health services.

So here’s where you can watch Sheriff Bensley beg for more money before he inevitably names one of the captains his undersheriff. Someone can post stats to prove me wrong, but I think that an undersheriff making less than an experienced captain isn’t all that uncommon. The undersheriff role is an appointed political position whereas the captain should be la creme de la creme of skill and experience rising through the ranks. (At least in theory.) I don’t think equal pay or even a pay discrepancy is out of line, but that’s just me.

Is the budget fair? Is it good for the taxpayers of Grand Traverse County? You be the judge. Sound off in the comments.

And we can’t let a Grand Traverse County Commission meeting go by without reporting the highlights:

Nobody rocks the sweater casually thrown around the neck like Dr. Dan.

Carol Crawford works up a thirst.

You make your point better when you’re both wearing plaid.

So you know when you’re trying to do something online, and you have to prove that you’re not a bot? What do you do when you literally are a Bott? How do you prove that you’re a Bott but not that kind of bot?

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3 thoughts on “Grand Traverse County Budget Proposal”

  1. I’d like to know how much of an increase in pay the animal control officer that replaced Deb Zerafa is going to get that incidentally is under Federal investigation.

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