Grand Traverse County Commission Talks Jail Improvements

The Grand Traverse County Commission is considering spending $15,000 to reduce privacy in the jail. Proponents say that reducing privacy will also reduce suicides because it makes it more difficult for an inmate to find a secluded place if they’re going to attempt suicide. It’s possible that’s true.

What I want to know is what the basis is for thinking that this change is going to improve safety? Are there studies that say that smaller shower barriers reduce attempted suicides? Is there a jail design professional organization out there that’s recommending these changes, or is this based on Sheriff’s Bensley’s hunch? Because the only thing that’s been verified to have been amiss about the jail at the time of the suicides is employees not doing their jobs and the systemic failures of corrections officers to provide medical services, mental health services and basic needs for inmates. Smaller shower stalls aren’t going to do much if the jail isn’t fixing the real problems. So my question is whether there’s any real authority that smaller steel barriers are going to help, or if this is just the corrections people wanting to come up with something to say.


In other news, Mexican restaurants are dropping like flies in Traverse City. Whatever will we do without delicious tacos?!?!

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2 thoughts on “Grand Traverse County Commission Talks Jail Improvements”

  1. This is sort of like the fact that the District Court found enough money to install a brand new x-ray machine (which was really needed?) as part of its security screening process upon entry into the building, but not finding enough money to fix the building’s entry steps that have been broken for nigh on 3 weeks now…

  2. I have been out of this jail on Tether since July 9th, 2019 and This jail is 100% awful. I have never been in jail in all my life let alone my daughter and we have gone through one of the worst years of our lives. Falsely accused of two different crimes and end up for short time for a Criminal Enterprise. Seriously, I didn’t even know what that was. Back on subject, this jail is filthy, cameras placed literally directed at the showers with ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY at all, medical complaints are factual and the food menu apparently hasn’t changed in three years. My daughter and I have a BIG FACTUAL History of this judicial system to share with you for sure. Sad, very sad. But honestly, our Judge was Judge Power and I have to say he truly had Wisdom about our whole situation in the end. I do believe though, it should have been thrown out at one point. So, Dirty Traverse City, is Mildly put with what we have been through and have learned.

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