Grand Traverse County Election Results – 2018 – August Primaries

The election results for the Grand Traverse County August 2018 election primaries are in:


Grand Traverse results are interesting. County voters chose El-Sayed over Gretchen Whitmer. They also narrowly chose Sandy Pensler over John James. Those results go against what voters chose in the rest of the state. I’m super sad that I don’t get to spend another four months watching Shri Thanedar commercials.

Grand Traverse County Commission:

A couple of bright spots here. Dan Lathrop and his fiscal responsibility platform beat out Michael Estes. Cheryl Gore Follette is also out in favor of Brad Jewett. Robert Hentschel actually won an election for once, but I’m not sure what his take is on the County pension deficit. I don’t know where that leaves the total makeup of the Grand Traverse County Commission. I guess we’ll all find out together. I’ll make the popcorn.

86th District Court Judge Results:

Bob Cooney and Paul Jarboe survive to the general election. Haider Kazim is out.

Paul Jarboe. If you find this page. If you google yourself or someone sends you the link and you end up on this page…please…campaign. TV ads, Facebook ads. Get friends to write letters to the editor. Update your website by writing articles on events that you go to, recovery court fluff news from around the state and how much you love the people of Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Antrim counties.

The double trouble with Cooney ending up a judge is that it leaves the prosecutor’s office to an appointment, which inevitably means the next in line and no change or progress whatsoever.

There was a big spread but it’s not a lost cause. More people vote in a general than vote in a primary. Kevin Elsenheimer outranked Michael Stepka in the primary for 86th District Court Judge back in the day, and he went on to win in the general. Stepka did it by dumping tons of personal funds into TV ad time. You can do it, but you have to campaign. Enough with the Jeb Bush low-energy. Get on it. We’re all counting on you.

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  1. I may be interested in helping if I can as I share your concern for having Bob Cooney advance and leaving the open appointment for the prosecutors office. At the very least, I would like to stay better informed.

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