Grand Traverse County Judge Race Update

Let’s talk some more about the upcoming election for Grand Traverse County District Court Judge. Whoever wins the 86th District Court judge election takes the place of retiring judge Thomas Phillips. They primarily serve in Grand Traverse, but they’re also assigned to Leelanau and Antrim Counties. So who are the 86th District Court judge candidates in 2018?

So far, the 86th District Court Judge page is the most popular page on this website. People are searching for information on who the candidates are for judge in Grand Traverse County. Since the person who wins makes decisions that affect tens of thousands of people each year, the curiosity is a good thing. Here’s some info and opinions about the candidates:


Grand Traverse County Judge Candidate Paul Jarboe

Paul Jarboe – Cooley Law School, but presumably before its average LSAT score went from bad to holy-hell-are-you-reading-the-LSAT-score-chart-upside-down-when-you-evaluate-applicants bad.

Reputation – Known for being level headed in court. Not known for taking cases to trial.

Religion – Lots of Christian affiliations on his website

Grand Traverse County Judge Candidate Haider Kazim

Haider Kazim – Michigan State University Law School, it’s no Cooley, but it’s still not a brain trust.

Religion – Professed Catholic

Reputation – Good at what he does. However, what he does is back the police/townships/other government entities. Not sure that translates to being a fair and impartial judge for all.

What about Bob…Cooney

Bob Cooney – Also Michigan State University Law School

Reputation – Doesn’t have private practice experience. (Can we agree that in a perfect world, a judge would have sat on both sides of the aisle?)

Religion – United Methodist; however, rumored to be a bit of a Chreaster. Someone start taking attendance.

Trying to sort out this election is like trying to decide whether Trump or Clinton is less horrifying.

In my best Blazing Saddles voice: We the…God-fearing citizens of Grand Traverse County…wish to express our extreme displeasure with the candidates for judge.

All I can say is that whoever wins, let’s shine the stark, cold light of accountability on their decisions.

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