Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Blunders Robert Schwander Case

Much of public sentiment surrounding the Robert Schwander is that Schwander is somehow dragging it out by bringing appeals, and because court dates are getting pushed back.

Let’s review the facts.

It’s the court that sentenced Schwander for a crime he was not convicted of. Three different times. The prosecution has done nothing to ask the court to follow the law. Schwander has only exercised his constitutional appeal rights and won. Every single time. Three different times. It is the court that has strung things out and caused the victim’s family additional pain by refusing to do their jobs and follow the law.

Grand Traverse County Prosecutor not-elected Noelle only made things worse by failing to do the paperwork to have Schwander brought from prison for his sentencing date. It’s perhaps her biggest or most notable ongoing case, and she failed to check on the paperwork. So the sentencing date is pushed back. But somehow it’s Schwander that is dragging things out for the family?

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3 thoughts on “Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Blunders Robert Schwander Case”

  1. Our prosecutors office hasn’t been what it should be in 20 years!
    Plea bargains given to rapists, cops and corrections officers not punished, and no plea bargains given using the excuse: “because he films cops”…. that last one being me! They also REFUSED to bring charges against someone who hit me and then spit in my face- turns out the joker is related to our current chief of police!
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but refusing to follow the law is, I believe, AGAINST THE LAW! Seems to me that the people “ in charge” in this town commit more crimes than anyone else! Prove me wrong!

  2. The prosecutor’s office appears to have one motivation – what helps it the most. In the Schwander case, it’s pandering to public outrage rather than requesting a just sentence. Perhaps in other cases where the PA departed from decades of precedent to use prosecutorial “discretion” to charge harshly, there were political motivations as well.

    Who knows. I do know, though, that the only people who are served by the PA’s office are victims who happen to want exactly what the PA wants (but if the victim doesn’t want that, victim be damned, the PA does what’s good for itself – blackmailing/threatening victims to get what they want has happened and I’m sure it will again).

    Victims who want something different, and the men and women being put through the GT kangaroo county hell are certainly not being helped in any way. And I’m not sure that the county is much safer, either, since we’re not really addressing what’s going on. Just pandering for the votes of those fortunate enough not to have their lives destroyed by trauma – those who can still labor under the illusion that “tough on crime” means a safer county. It doesn’t. It just means exponential pain.

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