Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office on Donut Patrol

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office posted this, thinking they were clever:

They tried to stop someone who was doing donuts in a parking lot.

I’m glad they weren’t wasting their time with anything important, like solving the Kelly Boyce murder.

So back to the donuts thing. Doing donuts in a parking lot doesn’t fit the definition of reckless driving at all. Reckless driving involves the willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others or of property. When you’re doing donuts alone in an empty parking lot, you’re not disregarding anyone. So they had no business stopping the person for that. So is it careless driving? The law on careless driving just says that careless driving is driving carelessly or negligently. The motor vehicle code doesn’t define either careless or negligent. So it’s left to the eye of the beholder whether donuts in an empty parking lot is careless or negligent. Does doing donuts alone in an empty parking lot show a lack of attention or a lack of concern for others? No. Sorry, it doesn’t. You’re driving in circles. Maybe he was just trying to see how well his tires could grip to drive safely on the roads.

Connect the dots. The police had no cause to pull this driver over. And notice, the police report didn’t say he was charged with reckless driving. The report said he was just charged with flee and elude. But they never should have stopped him. He was only in public doing something that someone with a badge didn’t approve of. To some people with badges, offending people with badges is enough of a crime. Someone doing donuts in an empty parking lot in a Michigan winter is hardly grounds to initiate a traffic stop.

But seriously, without dash cams and body cams, what’s the proof that any of this happened? The donuts, the flee and elude (through town?), the running into the house? There’s no proof any of this happened.

The police should find something better to do.

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