Grand Traverse Prosecutor Not Listed in ACLU Election Questionnaire

Grand Traverse Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg does not have any answers posted in the ACLU smart justice initiative. The ACLU smart justice project gives prosecutorial candidates the opportunity to answer questions on topics like racial disparities and alternatives to incarceration for the mentally ill. Both of these things are hot button topics in Grand Traverse County (with news outlets previously investigating the 13th Circuit Court for racial disparities in sentencing, and with mental health treatment in the jail being an ongoing issue of concern). These would be great questions for our currently appointed official to answer.

Culture Concerns in the Grand Traverse County Sheriffs Office

This is an interesting article out of the Cato Institute. It talks about the militarization of police, which I believe is part of the problem with the Grand Traverse County Sheriffs Office culture. Basically, the article makes the point that police officers today are recruited based on promises of participating in exciting raids, donning military gear and the opportunity to generally be badasses around town. Unfortunately, with that mentality, the police see the public as us vs. them. They’re the good guys, we’re the bad guys, and they will defeat us. Of course, “they,” the good guys, includes their friends, too, which is why things slide like Soffredine and Ottenwess,¬†at least until they get caught, and it looks bad. So take a look at the Cato article in the context of us vs. them, we’re the enemy mentality that I believe has crept into the GTSO. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Finally, word came out this weekend that the TCAPS recall group may not be able to collect signatures because of COVID-19 closures. Not only are the kids facing unprecedented financing cuts, but now they may have board members that could have been removed but for COVID closures. I don’t have a point, other than that it’s unfortunate and a missed opportunity for the people to have their say through a lawful process.

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