Grand Traverse Sheriff Offers Illegal Ticket Incentives – Nothing Happens

When the rest of us break the law, we get charged with a crime. When the sheriff himself does it, he just pulls a South Park Officer Barbrady “nothing to see here” and nothing happens to him.

A temporary road construction project prevented drivers from making a direct left-hand turn. Lots of drivers chose to cut through private property instead. Cutting through private property is a civil infraction.

Sheriff Bensley decided these poor drivers were fish in a barrel. The opportunity to ticket these drivers was just too good to pass up. He said it was a “good method to catch people.” (Catch people….boost county ticket revenues, you say potato, I say po-tat-to…)

Sheriff Bensley could have just assigned one or more of this troops to go watch for law violations in the area and write citations. But Bensley the benevolent sheriff that he is told his deputies that if they went to the area and wrote at least five citations, they’d get an extra day off. If that sounds illegal, it’s because it is.

What amounts to misconduct in office, Prosecutor Bob Cooney scoffed off as nothing more than “bad public policy.”

The court begrudgingly said goodbye to the $$$, I mean, they dutifully refunded the dozens of tickets involved in the Sheriff’s illegal scheme.

The next time you commit a crime, tell Prosecutor Bob Cooney that your actions were just “bad public policy.” On second thought, only do that if you happen to be the sheriff. It probably wouldn’t work for anyone else.

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