Grand Traverse Sheriff Resolves FOIA Dispute

Sheriff Bensley accused a local attorney of taking his case to the “court of public opinion.”

But public office is just that – public office. That means the public gets to hear about the things that you do. If someone wants to shine a light on the jail crisis, he can use whatever means are available to him.

Also, there’s Bensley’s suggestion that the family should have just filed a complaint. We all know how that would have gone. You would have just investigated yourself and found that you didn’t do anything wrong.

About the accusations of conditions in the Grand Traverse County Jail: The inmates report being left without medications and having to go without basic hygiene items. With so many inmates reporting similar conditions in the jail, it’s willful blindness to just scoff at them as incredible, untrustworthy criminals. In any event, a report from the National Institute of Corrections stated that corrections officers look at cameras when they should be making rounds. So it isn’t just criminals that are reporting disturbing things about the goings on in the Grand Traverse County Jail. And also there was this criminal claiming he was held in solitary confinement unfairly. Each one alone, they’re criminals, and their stories are easy to discredit for that reason. But when you take them all together, maybe we should be listening.

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