GT Cop Watch; Todd Ritter Charges Languish

A group by the name of GT Cop Watch is active again, this time on Facebook. We applaud all honest attempts to hold public officials accountable and promote transparency in public matters. So check that out. I’m not sure if they’re affiliated with the person or people who ran the website several years ago.

Still no charges for disgraced jail captain Todd Ritter. Unfortunately, law enforcement preying on those less powerful than them is nothing new. Todd Ritter, and the administration and culture that enabled his behavior, contributed to the suffering and unjust treatment of victims. Victims who are no less human and deserving of justice simply because they were arrested. We will not forget. We will not let it go.

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2 thoughts on “GT Cop Watch; Todd Ritter Charges Languish”

  1. I’m glad the community is finally looking for avenues to hold the deeply rooted corrupt public pretenders accountable

  2. While reading my next Captain Todd Ritter post, keep in mind that ‘Inmate A’ is a GT Jail inmate at the time. Also, the following information was provided in an “Internal Investigation” of Jail Captain Todd Ritter with the horrendous actions he committed while in a position of power over GT Jail FEMALE inmates, FEMALE GT Jail FEMALE employees AND the hardworking officers who worked at the Jail!!!!

    This is the constant “serial sexual predator” actions of Captain Todd Ritter who was IN CHARGE (or in a leadership position) of the GT Jail for many YEARS & preyed on so many!

    “Deputy Rick Bielewicz (retired) – (Follow-up on April 19, 2019 – Telephone Interview).”

    “When I first spoke with Deputy Bielewicz on April 8, 2019, I was NOT aware that he was responsible for determining which inmates were placed on Trustee Status. I followed-up with him on this issue after hearing from other witnesses that this was his responsibility.”

    “Deputy Bielewicz advised that, as Population Coordinator, he made the determinations what inmates received Trustee Status. When asked whether he was involved in placing Inmate A (current FEMALE inmate) on Trustee Status in a position cleaning the Jail administrative offices (INCLUDING Captain Todd Ritter’s office), he stated “that one was thrust upon me by Captain Ritter” and “that was not an inmate that I would have selected.” He further advised that when Captain Ritter asked him to place Inmate A on Trustee Status in the administrative office position, he told Captain Todd Ritter “It will not go over very well” with the CO’s. However, Captain Ritter told him that he would like to “give her a chance.” Deputy Bielewicz further stated that Inmate A should NOT even have been CONSIDERED for Trustee Status as she was currently in SEGREGATION.”

    WAIT until tomorrow night folks!!!!!! I will be posting what some of the conversations/texts & explicit X-Rated photos & videos they found on his Department issued cellphone!!!!! It’s going to be repulsive & eye-opening to say the least.

    Just a reminder, YOUR Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley, the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg & ALL seven (7) Grand Traverse County Commissioners gave Todd Ritter a ‘free pass’ without ANY charges, demotion in rank or consequences for his KNOWN actions while in a postion of power as their Jail Captain. The simply kissed his a$$ & allowed him to submit a stupid ‘Letter of Resignation’ when RITTER knew he was CAUGHT!!!!

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