GT County Road Commission Millage Hot Topic for Election

You probably already know who you’re going to vote for for President. But have you given any thought to how you’re going to vote on the Grand Traverse County road commission millage?

This is something that has always driven me crazy about local governments. They divert tax dollars to unimportant things, you know like court administrators not retiring. Then, they pitch millages to the voters as the only way for citizens to get the public services that they truly want like law enforcement and decent roads.

Grand Traverse County road planning is not awesome. County Commissioners and road commissioners still want to pretend that we’re a small town. They plan the roads accordingly. Traffic pilling up on 8th street? Let’s build a bike lane. US-31 congested? A whole bunch of roundabouts will fix that. That hill at LaFranier/Barlow & South Airport that’s a full on death trap? Let’s just hope for the best, we got nothing. In fact, let’s just keep talking about bike lanes like we don’t live in a place that’s cold nine months of the year.

Commissioner Bryce Hundley says, “I’m all in favor of good roads.” Thanks for weighing in?

As it is, the GT County Road Commission has a budget of $16 million a year. But that hasn’t stopped them from allowing a road in Peninsula Township to fall into the bay, stranding residents. The Road Commission says it just costs too much to fix.

I wonder if they’ll be like TCAPS which closed Interlochen School shortly after their residents largely voted against a millage.

They want a 1 mil, so the cost if you own a $250K home is $250. On November 3, voters will decide if that’s just dirty.

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1 thought on “GT County Road Commission Millage Hot Topic for Election”

  1. RC income has been rising steadily for the last few years. Their 2018 Asset Management Plan (p9) reports 2018 Revenues of $16 million. Their 2019 Revenue was $19.1 million (per 12/31/2019 Statement of Revenues, in 1/23/20 Board Packet). And they are on track for 2020 Revenue of [START BOLD] $26.063 million [END BOLD] (per 8/31/20 Statement of Revenues, in 9/24/20 Board Packet). Some justification from the Road Commission to support this Road Millage (which was supposed to be temporary) is in order.

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