Hartman Hearing Today; Bond Violation Accused

The former Kingsley principal who is accused of criminal sexual conduct is back in court today for what appears to be a bond violation hearing. Prosecutors say that Karl Hartman assaulted multiple minor children as well as provided them alcohol.

Conditions of bond in most cases require a person charged with a crime to avoid the alleged victim, bars and places that serve alcohol by the glass (pretty much all restaurants; at least there’s still Taco Bell). But Hartman’s bond is more elaborate than most. Hartman can’t go to any school, the home or the place of employment of any victim. He’s not to use social media or have contact with anyone under the age of 18. Hartman must wear a tether to prove his whereabouts.

We’ll find out today what the alleged violation is. It could be that he’s completely guilty and went in the no-go zone. In that case, violating your bond is really dumb. It could also be that the prosecutor is trying the case in the press and/or trying to force a guilty plea by incarcerating Hartman for months while he awaits trial. We’ll find out today.

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