How To Support TCAPS Transparency

We’re several days into the TCAPS dumpster fire, and we still don’t have complete information about what is going on. Board President Sue Kelly was quick to point out that one of the closed sessions was about the Montessori building plans. But if you try to get her to fill in the blank: “And the other meeting was about _____,” then she goes silent.

When she went on WTCM, Kelly taunted the members of the public who spoke at the public comment session. She said that the public commenters shouldn’t have been furious like they were when they didn’t even know what was going on. But then she refused to tell them what was going on.

It seems as though this may be even bigger than the Student Finance Research Collaborative. It seems like some of the chickens (student count fraud, upping Soma’s retirement pay for no reason) may be coming home to roost. The Homeschool Partnership student count fraud is finally getting the healthy skepticism that it deserves. Cardon is keeping oddly silent, scripted and superficial press releases notwithstanding, given her position as a district leader.

As it all plays out, how can you support TCAPS transparency? When hitting “like” isn’t enough, what can you actually do?

Here are 5 things that you can do to support tcaps transparency:

1. Sign the petition in support of Ann Cardon

There’s an online petition to show support for Ann Cardon. The petition isn’t anything official, and it’s not a recall petition for board members. However, it is a way to use your voice. Dozens have already signed in only a few hours. Sign the petition here.

2. Attend a board meeting

The next regular board meeting appears to be October 28. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) Go. Even if you don’t say anything, go and watch. You might want to be early if you want a seat. Here’s the website with info about the schedule.

3. Sign your Larry Inman recall petition

What kind of credibility with the rest of Michigan does TCAPS have left? Larry Inman, the person who helped get them $700K in pork to cover up the student count fraud is currently under indictment for bribery. Inman and former Superintendent Paul Soma are tight. Since Larry Inman is a part of this, you can help by signing your Larry Inman recall petition.

4. Write a letter to the editor

The Record Eagle accepts letters to the editor. They are in support of the TCAPS transparency movement, too. You can write a letter to the editor, and you can encourage your friends to do the same.

5. Join the TCAPS Transparency Facebook page

There appears to be a TCAPS Transparency in Education Facebook group has cropped up in the past few days. I don’t know for sure all what’s on there, but you might consider joining that.

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6 thoughts on “How To Support TCAPS Transparency”

  1. Let’s summarize:
    Some people are upset because the school board (except for Ms. Mohr) followed the law and did not disclose what was discussed at a closed meeting, requested by the employee (who some believe MIGHT be Carden) , NOT the board. Why are they not upset with the employee for hiding behind the Open Meetings Act? Perhaps there were bad things that the employee did not want made public?
    The ONLY source of information, since the board is bound by the OMA, is the shrill complaining of Mohr, who is generally on the opposite side of everything from the other 6 board members.
    So those opposed to the current board behavior would have them break the law and reveal the content of the closed meeting? Not what I want from public servants!
    Very clever of the Team 5 people and the employee involved—force the board to discuss issues in closed meeting so they cannot be revealed, and then complain that they were not treated fairly. Thus, superficially the board cannot defend itself, and the public only sees one viewpoint…diabolical!
    People need to think– would 6 out of 7 board members be wrong, and only 1 right? Those numbers don’t add up. Why would the board who unanimously hired Carden turn on her unless there were significant issues (if this is about Carden)? Don’t demonize board members when you have no idea what is going on. Maybe there will be a reason to be mad, but as of now there is no information, and some people are being manipulated into a frenzy by Mohr and her Team Five cohort.

    1. Sure, keep beating that drum Andy. Your obfuscation by omission isn’t fooling anyone. You and your counterparts are scrambling to cover for Sue Kelly and her inside woman right now by repeating often, and loudly, this same half-truth and trying to distract from the actual violation of the OMA, which would be the series of round-robin phone calls and off the record conversation had between Sue Kelly and several other board members. Any conversation beyond simple “Yes/No” vote count canvassing is an explicit violation of the OMA, as outlined in the OMA handbook provided by the MI AG’s office.

      Beyond that, you continue your bald-faced lies by insisting that this is a 6-to-1 board fight; that again is provably inaccurate. There is an empty seat, vacated by Doris Ellery, as well as the fact that Matt Anderson very clearly states he was not party to the prior conversations. So your 6 are now 4. Must be feeling pretty insecure about this position if you feel the need to fabricate a 50% increase in “team size” just to give the illusion of a unified bloc. What fabrications will your pals have you spinning next?

  2. Perhaps BM (the initials are appropriate) would like to comment on Jame McCall phoning many or all TCAPS principals last week and telling them she is the new superintendent.

  3. Opaque is inherently dirty, isn’t it?

    I can easily imagine situations where this privacy is justified and appropriate. I am going to resist judging this on so little info. It will come out. And if it is adverse, the longer they hold it back, the greater the consequences.

    The round robin phone calls are probably very common in local government. That does not make it right. Recall the MSP investigation a few years ago, after a foolish quorum of the country board was caught at a local eatery. I would like to read more about standards for enforcement and thresholds and examples of violations.

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