I Saw the Sign

Name the band that sang “I Saw the Sign.” Answer: Ace of Base.

Now about campaign signs:

Paul Jarboe’s campaign signs. The font is so thin that I can’t read them. I can already kind of guess what they’re supposed to say, and I still can’t read them. Also, Times New Roman went out of vogue in 1999.

For some funny reading about what’s wrong with Times New Roman, specifically in the legal profession, there’s this and this.

Fun fact, U.S. Supreme Court rule 33.1(b) bans Times New Roman as a font.

Are we really going to elect someone who chose to use what Bryan Garner called a “minimally acceptable serifed font?” (or something that looks an awful lot like it).

For you Cooley grads who don’t know who Bryan Garner is, here.

The problem with Times New Roman as a font for campaign signs is that it’s just too thin to show up well. It was never meant to be used on anything other than newsprint.

Bob Cooney’s campaign signs appear to be concentrated in nice areas of town. The very people who are the least likely to have firsthand knowledge of his actions as a prosecutor.

Haider Kazim signs. I’ve only seen one of them. It’s kind of like seeing a shooting star.

The most unique local campaign signs ever were when Kirsten Keilitz used a cartoon drawing of her hair. Creativity for the win, but not the election.

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