Inman Trial Continues; TCAPS Update

The Larry Inman trial continues. You wouldn’t know that from reading the Traverse City Ticker. That doesn’t make much sense to me because the bribery allegations surround a vote on the prevailing wage. The prevailing wage is a business issue. The Traverse City Ticker is a business publication. The Ticker hasn’t had much to say on the Inman trial other than to say that he was indicted.

Representative Steve Marino from Harrison Township (east side of the state), dodged his subpoena. Inman’s attorney is trying to raise question marks about Marino’s absence. The question is how in the world Marino got away with dodging his subpoena. That’s not easy for anyone to do, let alone a sitting house member who might have something to say about one of the biggest public corruption trials in Michigan in a while.


TCAPS update: Members of the community have gotten some documents in their FOIA requests. The records show some interesting things about consulting payments and job recommendations that followed. More on that later.

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