Inman Verdict Surprise

Larry Inman was found not guilty on the least significant of the three charges, lying to the FBI. On the bribery and extortion charges, the jury couldn’t agree. It will be interesting to see if the prosecution retries it since the jury was split 6-6 according to one of the jurors. If the jury leans strongly one way or the other, with one or two hold outs, that can strongly sway the prosecution’s decision to retry. A completely split jury is more interesting as far as whether the U.S. attorney will go ahead with another trial.

Of course, Inman is treating the verdict as a proclamation of his innocence and demanding the reinstatement of his reputation and his place in the House. However, a criminal proceeding is exactly what it is – a criminal proceeding. The text messages still are just what they are, and fitness to be in the house and personal character are not things that the jury decided.

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