Is Sue Kelly Telling the Truth? TCAPS, the SFRC and Transportation Costs

Last week, the TCAPS board parted with superintendent Ann Cardon after a mere 78 days in her post.  The move raised eyebrows across the district. One of the reasons, according to Interlochen Public Radio, was comments that Cardon made about her support for the Student Finance Research Collaborative. Those comments are in contrast to a resolution that the board passed under former superintendent Paul Soma.

Board President Sue Kelly says that one of the main reasons that TCAPS has to object to the Student Finance Research Collaborative is because it doesn’t account for transportation. On WTCM, Kelly said:

“There are absolutely no allocation in the SFRC for transportation expenses and costs.”

Here is the link. Listen at 10:40.

But is that the truth?

In a word, no.

Here is the SFRC study. (Click the link). It says,

The Student Finance Research Collabortive actually says:

“Transportation funding should be provided outside of the base per student amount and funding
should be tied to actual transportation costs.”

The comments in the SFRC go on to call for more specific formula to fund transportation outside of base student costs, in addition to the lump sum, per student payment. In other words, transportation funding should be included, separate from, and in addition to, what students get in general.

The SFRC is not silent about transportation costs. In fact, they’re the opposite of silent. There’s a whole chapter on it. The recommendations call for transportation payments based on a yet-to-be-created formula designed to take actual transportation costs into account.

So is Sue Kelly mistaken, or is she trying to deceive the public?


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3 thoughts on “Is Sue Kelly Telling the Truth? TCAPS, the SFRC and Transportation Costs”

  1. Truth? You can’t handle the truth!
    The taxpayers can’t handle the truth!

    It looks to me like a house of cards built on student count fraud, and potentially other fraud.

    There is never just one roach.

    What would it take to require a forensic audit? Shouldn’t that be mandatory after what has happened?

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