Jail Inquiry Reveals Little Accountability, Buck Passage

I think I have a good grip on what the problems at the jail are. The county commission inquiry was actually really insightful.

We’ll start with Wellpath. Their people testified that they don’t listen to people’s personal doctors. They say a person’s real doctor’s opinion is worth nothing more than a “grain of salt.” They went on to say that while a person might need a drug, like an anxiety medication, on the outside, they might not need that anxiety med on the inside. (Because jail is less stressful?) So Wellpath sees people in the jail to decide that they don’t really need their medications. So that saves the county money and boosts profits. So Wellpath got up there and literally said they know better than anyone’s real doctors. So they got up and said, out loud, WDGAF. Can we find anyone that GAF? That would be a start.

Then, Sheriff Bensley comes along. He says that they don’t oversee Wellpath at all. Nevermind that it’s his jail. He’s not a medical professional, so if Wellpath doesn’t do their job, he doesn’t know or care. I’m paraphrasing, but not by much. Bensley implies that he doesn’t even care: “People may not want to hear this, but we operate a jail…That’s our responsibility. We’re not a hospital. We’re not a mental health facility.” (You kinda are, though. When someone is incarcerated, they can’t go to their own doctor. So you are being their doctor. They have to go to your doctor because you’re insisting on it. Sorry, but you are.)

It’s pretty obvious what’s happening – Wellpath is operating more like Illpath by cutting corners and ignoring doctors who have treatment histories with various inmates. Sheriff Bensley doesn’t want to know or care. It’s pretty obvious that one, we’re here, and two, that’s why we’re here. The only question is what the commissioners, or the voters, are going to do about it.

Another gem from Bensley was when he said that former Jail Captain Todd Ritter’s behavior didn’t impact Ritter’s job performance. Knowing that you get special favors for hanky panky with the jail captain in the basement of a government building isn’t going to screw with law and order in the jail? In Grand Traverse County, misconduct is irrelevant. It’s called misconduct for a reason.

Bensley just won’t accept the settled law that says deliberate indifference to serious medical needs is cruel and unusual punishment. Until he does, and until the county makes changes, they’re opening themselves up to legal liability. But hey, at least the commission has managed to bring us the sexual harassment ethics police, and they’re all over canning the opening prayer. So at least they’re getting the big stuff done.

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8 thoughts on “Jail Inquiry Reveals Little Accountability, Buck Passage”

  1. I could not have written this any better… time to break up “the good ole boys” in this town and PROSECUTE any who have broken laws… not just allow them to retire!!!

  2. County jails don’t even allow people in recovery to take their medication. There violating people’s civil rights daily. I encourage all people denied their medication, in jails to sue them. It’s unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment, making someone to detox in a facility that has zero resources to get woman tampons, even alone give them medical attention.

  3. I’ve been trying to do a check on the educational and legal background on our local officials. Starting with Moeggenberg, I can’t find anything on her education, but I’m figuring by her dimwittedness that she was probably a graduate of Liberty or Trump University.
    Checking into Mr. Thomas Phillips background I find that he went to UofM law school which is in itself fairly impressive for the fact that Clarence Darrow also matriculated at UofM. Ann Coulter(the female version of Phillips) also went to UofM which shows even esteemed universities can make grave mistakes. After UofM Mr. Phillips served in Vietnam as a lawyer which I find fitting that such an immoral individual would be involved in such an immoral war. Going forward 30 or so years you find Phillips is pretty much the same. In Vietnam I could see Mr. Phillips getting g.i.’s off after raping and murdering Vietnamese women and children as just “good Christian American boys blowing off steam on the pagan denizens”. It was prescient to how now Mr. Phillips does the same thing to protect bad cops.

  4. To the author/editor… how can I get in contact in a secure way? Do you have telegram or a similar app that you prefer?

    I have a story regarding 13th circuit/86th district courts. They are getting federal money they aren’t entitled to because they are blatantly violating the stipulations tied to the funds, as well as violating the ADA in the process.

    I’m on telegram under the username mikerice

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