Jame McCall: If I Can’t Be the Superintendent, I Don’t Want to Work for TCAPS At All

Having failed to win the TCAPS superintendent position, Jame McCall submitted her resignation from TCAPS. She waited to submit her resignation until immediately after TCAPS offered the top job to another candidate.

I don’t understand the about-face. How do you go from wanting the difficult work of being superintendent to not wanting to work in an associate role doing similar work? Did you really want the work of the superintendent or just the title?

Her public statements don’t offer much insight. However, given the timing it was obviously something she was thinking about during the superintendent hiring process. So why did she wait until after they announced another candidate got the job to announce her retirement?

There are people who suggested that comments made about McCall were unfair. I disagree. There is still sitting out there the contract adjustment that she negotiated for herself that included a stipulation of continuing to work with Grant Chandler at the District’s needless expense. That whole situation still leaves a lot of things out there that still haven’t been explained to this day. People are going to talk when you do things like that and then don’t explain yourselves.

McCall’s resignation is a breath of fresh air that will allow the new superintendent to come in with a clean slate. It’s up to the new superintendent to make it count.

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