Jame McCall Supporters Claim Inaccuracies; Make Threats

Someone claiming to be a TCAPS employee left this lovely comment on the site:

Here is part of another post, purportedly from the same commenter:

She is an outstanding candidate and should she not get the position, I think she could sue the folks responsible for this smear campaign. Defamation of character- the only thing I see that could be missing is damages…. Shame on all involved.

The post threatens that I, and others, will literally pay if there is no Jame McCall superintendency. The person making these threats is supposedly a TCAPS employee – a person holding a public position, with public trust, threatening me for my opinion and participation in a public process. This comment is both illustrating of the problem and disturbing. So many people in positions of public trust in the Traverse City region have no tolerance for anyone whose opinion disagrees with their own. I thought a part of a well-rounded education was learning how to hear and grow from other points of view. I would think a TCAPS employee would be well on board with tolerance, but I guess not.

Maybe the question is what in the world this person teaches (or is otherwise employed at TCAPS) that they think threatening people with lawsuits for having a difference of opinion is appropriate, beneficial, or even an accurate summary of how the world works. Let’s hope they don’t teach English, journalism, social studies, civics or run the anti-bullying seminars. “Go threaten your adversaries” — is this Blueprint-approved curriculum? Are you being an upstander? Should I call the OK-to-say line? Have you? Okay, I’m going to stop laughing, and finish writing this post.

This post was brought to you by the OK2SAY hotline

Let’s not forget that Jame McCall was passed over for the position of superintendent twice now – Ann Cardon and Pavelka. So I’m not the only person in the history of the planet to think someone else was more suited than McCall for the position at some point in time.

Several commenters have been begging and pleading for the haters to point out anything inaccurate that I have said. Not one actually has. It’s not that I don’t think I could ever make a mistake, we’re all human, but I don’t think I’ve said anything incorrect. Some people need to learn the difference between facts and opinion, and learn to accept the things they cannot change – other people’s opinions.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this website was around a long time before the latest TCAPS election. Think about it.

FYI many of you are posting the same comments twice. First-time commenters are not auto-approved. Any time you post with a new email address, fake or not, it’s not going to show up until I approve it. I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but a lot of you like to swear and talk about butts. You know who you are. Also, there are tons of spam comments, and you’re welcome for not having to see them.

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2 thoughts on “Jame McCall Supporters Claim Inaccuracies; Make Threats”

  1. Your addressing of the “people who hold public positions have no tolerance for the publics opinion” is spot on….I refer to those in law enforcement and the court system here who have zero tolerance policies yet break their own rules at will….it seems that it’s not JUST the school board!
    I have no need nor desire to change to another email to give my opinions of the truth….too bad others like to hide themselves from the scrutiny of the public at large…..in my opinion, those who do that “have something to hide”!

  2. Traverse City was so much nicer in the 70’s and 80’s. The trash that moved up from the ‘big city’ have brought their big city ‘shenanigans’ with them. There used to be bumper stickers around town exclaiming and proclaiming “Terrific TC” and “Traverse City, the Beautiful”, but those sayings are truly a distant memory and don’t apply to this area anymore. The uppity officials who are ‘native’ gave in to their ideals, when they were away at college, before they returned ‘changed’. RIP, TC-I-once knew!

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