Jason Leonard Charged with Raiding Kids Wrestling Fund

Kingsley just can’t seem to catch a break. As if being home to the Alger clan isn’t already rough, now there are allegations that a former varsity football coach and gym teacher stole from a Kingsley youth wrestling program. Jason Leonard is the individual charged.

Leonard has allegedly skipped town and taken up residence in South Carolina. Because the charges against Leonard are a felony, there’s a chance that he could face extradition if he chooses not to return to Michigan to face the charges. There was nothing improper about Leonard moving to South Carolina because he wasn’t charged with a crime at the time that he moved. However, now that he’s charged, South Carolina could order that he be returned to Michigan in order to face the charges.

Who pays for an extradition in Michigan?

In Michigan, the county government that orders the extradition pays for the extradition. If the county prosecutor wants a person charged with a crime returned to the county to face charges, it’s up to that county’s taxpayers to pay for it. Law enforcement has to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it’s in the best interests of the taxpayers to request the extradition knowing that they are the ones footing the bill.

What do you think? Should Grand Traverse County pay to extradite Jason Leonard?

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3 thoughts on “Jason Leonard Charged with Raiding Kids Wrestling Fund”

  1. Hes a good man that might have made a bad decision. Money corrupts; 100% would allow him to teach my kids. I hope this is figured out soon.

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