Job Offer Rescinded for Former Grand Traverse Deputy Administrator

So this talk about the new/old Grand Traverse County Deputy Administrator got me wondering whatever happened to Jennifer DeHaan. She was the Deputy County Administrator under Tom Menzel. She was fired when newly elected commissioners declined to back Menzel’s fiscal austerity measures. People who supported her firing say that she was unprofessional. (That link purported to show her rolling her eyes at Cheryl Follette, but it didn’t look like she was rolling her eyes to me. It looked like the response of someone who knew Follette was going to find fault with whatever she had to say.)

So whatever happened to Jennifer DeHaan? Shortly after Grand Traverse County fired her, Emmet County hired her to be their Deputy County Administrator. Well, they did for the shortest of times before rescinding the offer after talking to the powers that be at Grand Traverse County. Nothing like Grand Traverse County screwing with you from the grave.


I don’t know what DeHaan is up to today. According to the commenter, it’s her wife that works forĀ Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW), an organization that encourages women in business. I hope things have worked out for her.

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