Just How Many Soffredineies Have Drunk Driving Convictions?

Soffredine Lipinski

What?!? Paula Lipinski is yet another Soffredine behaving badly? So there are two Soffredine children with drunk driving offenses? I had not made that connection. According to Kevin Sandvig, Paula Lipinski is Paula Soffredine-Lipinski, sister of infamous Traverse City police officer and drunk driver extraordinaire Joseph Soffredine.

Except Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s officers tried their best not to have any charges stick against Traverse City Police Officer Joseph Soffredine, while the Traverse City Police couldn’t wait to run to the media to brag about Lipiniski’s arrest.

It’s not unusual for siblings to have things in common. Maybe your parents make you all take piano lessons. Maybe you have your own awkward family photos. Maybe everyone goes to the same college. The Soffredine family picked drunk driving as their thing.

What I don’t get is why the police did their best to sandbag Joseph Soffredine’s DUI but went all out on Lipinski’s – even while it was questionable whether Lipinski drove at all, and Joseph Soffredine allegedly crashed into some stuff and then got an Uber – I mean cop cab – to his destination. The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s office handled Joseph’s Soffredine’s case while Traverse City Police handled Lipiski’s – but the whole Ottenwess debacle more than proved that the Traverse City Police are equally capable of sandbagging police reports, so that doesn’t explain it.

So the Soffredine kids both grow up to get drunk driving convictions when Dad was the local police chief. Joseph Soffredine is off molding the minds of our youth as the Traverse City Central School liaison officer despite the fact that he appears to have gotten a sweet deal on assault charges back in the day:

Soffredine criminal records

I would love to know what that was about. With two alcohol-related offenses under his belt and one triple-hitter of an assault and battery incident (either multiple victims or multiple swings), how is he even a police officer at all let alone one that works with children?

Two Soffredines with drunk driving convictions. Are there more? Please tell me they’re not Catholic, because then we’re going to have to look up like 10 more kids.

The plot thickens…as I was researching this article, I found that the board chairman of the local Department of Health and Human Services is Lipinski’s father, Ralph Soffredine. So Soffredine was police chief, and now one of his kids is a police offer. And he is DHS board chairman, and one of his kids was a CPS supervisor? And they both have drunk driving convictions?

What’s next? Did he work for Waste Management? And we’d have to hear about his kid, the trashed-collector? Did he work for the road commission? And we have to hear about his kid, the plow-ed driver? Did he work for the building department and his kid got hammered? And what about the Parks employee, did he get Wreck’d? I’m here all night!!!

And one of the things I still don’t understand is how a bar security guard chose that particular drunk (Lipinski) to follow to the parking lot and then dangerously stand behind her vehicle, supposedly in the name of preventing a drunk driving. And how did it end up in the press at all let alone right away? There was someone conducting that orchestra. Who was it and what were they hoping to accomplish?

I got off topic. We started this talking about former police chief Ralph Soffredine raising not one but two children with government checks payments and drunk driving convictions. Ladies and gentleman, dirty traverse.

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  1. Dear Editor. You have thoroughly made my head spin. Now the question is, will I vomit from the spinning head or from this DISGUSTING pattern of Grand Traverse County!

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