Joseph Soffredine – Traverse City Police and Grand Traverse County Sheriff

Perhaps the Reader’s Digest version of what’s wrong with law enforcement in Grand Traverse County can start with a review of the Joseph Soffredine drunk driving case, or should we say the not drunk driving case.

When Traverse City Police Officer Joe Soffredine crashed his Dodge Durango while drunk, two Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene. Because Soffredine was a brother in blue, they didn’t perform field sobriety tests, give him a PBT, or even ticket him for an expired plate.

The two police officers who investigated Soffredine lost their jobs and pleaded guilty to neglecting their duties.

Soffredine didn’t lose his job, but he appears to be relegated to a position as a school resource officer, where he’s undoubtedly a great influence on the next generation.

Soffredine’s father is former longtime Traverse City Police chief Ralph Soffredine.

It wouldn’t be the last time the police tried to cover up for a Traverse City employee. In case you thought the Ottenwess situation was a fluke, Joseph Soffredine is another example. And how many other times have they gotten away with it that we don’t even know about?

To those in the in crowd – the politicians, the police and their friends, there seems to be one set of rules. For everyone else, it’s quite the opposite. The bigger question is when the public starts to notice or care enough to fix it.

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