Josey Ballenger, Flournoy Humphreys, Michael N. Hurd, Jane Klegman, Jeff Leonhardt, Benjamin McGuire, Scott Newman-Bale all Vie for TCAPS Board Seats

Around this time before each election, the hits come pouring in. The four most popular pages in the past week have all been related to TCAPS. If you’re like me, you have the question: If I think Sue Kelly is a conniving snollygoster with a bunch of board member minions who act against transparency and the best interests of our children and community to the benefits of special interests and their own egos, who do I vote for?

Scott Newman-Bale

Is the CEO of a brewing company (can we be friends?) and has a masters in financial science.

Josey Ballenger

Has worked in government in the Government Accountability Office. Graduate of the same Michigan State political leadership program that Wayne Schmidt graduated from, but don’t hold that against her.

Flournoy Humphreys

You don’t have to be able to pronounce it to vote for her. Retired TCAPS teacher.


If you want something different than Dirty Traverse as usual, vote for these three.


Other candidates:

Michael Hurd

Wants kids in school face-to-face. Probably a big improvement on the current juggernaut but lacks some of the academic credentials of the three above.

Benjamin McGuire

Was hand picked by Sue Kelly & minions to do their bidding when an opening appeared on the board. Describes the community dislike of board actions & Ann Cardon’s outser as: “too much to process.”

Jeff Leonhardt

Promises “continuity.” (That means he will change nothing.) Believes countless time and expense to hide the “Kelly document” is transparency: “I think this board is transparent.

Jane Klegman

Blames the public dislike of the current board on “differing stakeholders interests” and not on the board wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire and fire Ann Cardon and other shady TCAPS things in last handful of years. Says “Open communication should be the goal, to the extent allowed by law,” but hasn’t called for release of the “Kelly Document” even though the release was ordered by the court.


Finally, there is this:

That post was not made by Deyar Jamil. It’s a troll.

Dear Troll, You bothered to come and post, so obviously you do care. These TCAPS pages have gotten thousands of hits, and it’s ramping up as the election gets closer. Scoffing at, silencing, and dismissing dissenting opinion is exactly what the TCAPS establishment does best. However, thanks to technology, the powerful no longer get to control the war of ideas.

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1 thought on “Josey Ballenger, Flournoy Humphreys, Michael N. Hurd, Jane Klegman, Jeff Leonhardt, Benjamin McGuire, Scott Newman-Bale all Vie for TCAPS Board Seats”

  1. Thank you for this. That race is the only unfilled part of my ballot.

    In the name of transparency, I strike dark with my pen!

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