Kalkaska Recalls Village President, Elects Wales

The Village of Kalkaska gets its business done and recalls village President Jeff Sieting.

Even in Kalkaska, there’s a point where you can be so racist and downright obnoxious that people are done with you. I tried to look through the guy’s Facebook page to give you an example of the racism but there are so many inappropriate things on there I would have been scrolling for days just to get to the racist stuff.

We all have that guy who blows up our Facebook feed with this and that about people who oppose their political party or oppose their stance on guns. (Both sides of the aisle are guilty of this.) Yeah…Sieting was that guy…

Sieting managed to get himself ousted from office over racist comments regarding Muslims. The Village of Kalkaska is a Northern Michigan village with 541 voters. Was inciting violence against Muslims really the most pressing issue you had to deal with, Mr. Sieting? Learning when to keep your mouth shut is part of politics. Mr. Sieting doesn’t appear to be willing to get that memo any time soon.

I like Kalkaska. It’s not a bad place, and they overcame this tragedy a while back.

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