Kelly Boyce; Mainstream Media Publishes Articles

Props to every news outlet that has done a story on Kelly Boyce in the past week. There can’t be too much attention to such a serious tragedy, crime and community safety issue.

The mainstream local news outlets have come out with articles saying that law enforcement is still working hard to solve the Kelly Boyce homicide. They published these articles in the past week as the case reaches its 6th tragic anniversary.

About a year ago, law enforcement held a press conference. At the conference, they made some interesting statements. The statements kind of implied that they were about to give up. Here are some snippets as reported by the Traverse City Ticker:

“Cooney also said authorities “were concerned about the clock running” out on the case because of a six-year statute of limitations that applies to some potential charges.”

“But you also have to remember this was fireworks night,” he [TCPD Police Captain James Bussell] told The Ticker. “People jump into the neighborhoods to get around the main arteries.”

We don’t know what type of vehicle it was, if it was an SUV, truck or van, or passenger car,” Bussell said. “We certainly don’t know the identity…”


I was planning to write an article about how law enforcement had a change in attitude and was now giving the right lip service to never stopping their search for the killer, but if you reread the articles from the past weekend and from the past year, it’s really only the family and friends that are talking about never giving up:

Bussell says they would like to solve the case. The Washington Times reports that the police say that they “occasionally” still work on it.

TCPD Captain Bussell says, “…”would very much like to solve this case,” BUT “there wasn’t a lot to go on from the beginning.”

Compare to:

A family friend says, “I hope this person can be brought to justice, and hope that we can continue to keep our eyes and ears open…”

A family member says, “I do not give up,” she said. “I’m constantly in touch with law enforcement and pushing to get things done. I’m not going to let it rest.”


Again, this was at 2 in the morning. It wasn’t someone who was downtown only to watch the fireworks. So it’s left to public opinion whether law enforcement has done everything they can to solve the case. We hope for our entire community that law enforcement brings her killer to justice.

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1 thought on “Kelly Boyce; Mainstream Media Publishes Articles”

  1. The Washington Times article says they still “occasionally get tips”, not occasionally still work on it. I appreciate your concern, but trust me, Jim Bussell cares deeply about this case. He is a great guy. At true tip that leads to a confession is the only way the person will be held accountable for this horrific crime. That person is the only “dirty” one you should be blogging about.

    If you want to keep this story alive, focus on celebrating how incredible of a woman Kelly was. If that were to reach someone who knows something, it’d be far more effective than shaming the police.

    Plus, she’d prefer it. Trust me.

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