Kristen Millard, Montcalm County Clerk Guilty of Drunk Driving

Without looking, do you know where Montcalm County is? Yeah, I didn’t either.

But their clerk just got 10 days in jail for crashing a motorcycle drunk. They say that she was about twice the legal limit.

Millard was previously named Michigan Association of County Clerks. What kind of party do you get for being clerk of the year? You should get a sash. And a crown. A sash and a crown and maybe a magic wand with sparkles because it really can’t get any better than being the Michigan Association of County Clerks clerk of the year.

Millard was on bond when the motorcycle crash happened. The bond was for an unrelated charge of stealing glasses, like you see out of, from a bar. That charge was dropped, but it’s unclear if it was dropped as part of the motorcycle drunk driving case.

Montcalm County is southwest of Mt. Pleasant.

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