Larry Gerschbacher Wants to Recall Jim Carruthers and Richard Lewis

Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers and Traverse City Commissioner Richard Lewis voted to raise Traverse City taxes. Larry Gerschbacher has had enough. He filed paperwork to begin a recall effort of both politicians.

Gerschbacher says that the men didn’t have the consent of the Traverse City electorate to raise taxes. He says that the men should have sought input from the taxpayers, even if the law doesn’t require them to do so. The two politicians say that the tax increases were unfortunate but unavoidable. They say that Gerschbacher should have reached out to them to express his opinion rather than getting upset after the fact.

Carruthers and Lewis say that it’s their right to vote to raise taxes, which is true. Gerschbacher says that it’s his right to start a recall effort, which is also true. So everybody’s right. The politicians could have put the matter to a public vote in the form of a millage instead of just raising the taxes. That’s Gerschbacher’s point.

For the petition to go forward, Gerschbacher has to gather more than 1,500 signatures by August.

The increased taxes amount to about $140 per year for a homeowner with a $120,000 home. That’s a significant increase for sidewalk repairs.

The voters will have the last say, but for now, taxes are up.


…and here’s another article giving What About Bob Cooney free campaign publicity; I mean, talking about the Families Against Narcotics chapter opening.

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