Larry Inman Faces Recall Effort

Someone has submitted a recall petition for Larry Inman. How do we sign up? Can we like, volunteer to stuff envelopes? Sponsor the pens? Hand a hat around to ensure that the petitions are printed on recycled, fair trade paper?

Is Inman going to challenge the form of the recall petition? Or is he going to leave it to a vote of the people?

Organizers have to get the required 12,000 signatures in 60 days. I bet that they can.

This isn’t a matter of having his day in court. The standards for whether someone should be a representative are different than the standards for being proved guilty of the crimes he’s charged with.

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1 thought on “Larry Inman Faces Recall Effort”

  1. I wonder if he would be able to recall being recalled?

    Fortunately that is not a defense against a recall. Yet.

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