Larry Inman Indicted for Soliciting Bribes

Larry Inman is the sitting State Representative for Traverse City and the region. He’s also indicted.

A federal grand jury says that Inman wanted bribes in exchange for his vote on a prevailing wage law issue. The prevailing wage law required the state to pay union wages for non-union projects. the indictment claims that Inman demanded bribes in order to vote against the repeal. Allegedly, when the bribes didn’t come through, he voted against the people he wanted the bribes from.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did something similar and ended up with 14 years in prison. The max for Inman’s charges is 20 years.

You can read the Inman indictment here.

And what about that time Inman arranged for a bailout of TCAPS’ student count spoon bending? Somehow, Inman arranged for an appropriation of state funds to quiet the issue without any explanation or accountability. What went on behind the scenes leading up to that vote?

Who Is Replacing Larry Inman?

If Larry Inman resigns or is removed from office, there will be a special election for his replacement. Michigan Constitution Article Five, Section 13 says that when there’s a vacancy in the legislature, the governor calls for a special election. The voters will decide who replaces Larry Inman, if he ends up leaving the office. Inman says he’s not resigning. Dan O’Neill ran against Inman for the House seat in the first place. If the seat flips to Democrat, it won’t make much of a difference. Inman is practically a democrat anyway.

Who Can Run if Larry Inman Resigns?

Because the election is held under all applicable election laws, anyone can file to run for the seat.

The Betsy Coffia meme is a Jim Carrey reference. You would have to see Dumb & Dumber to get it, and no, I’m not calling her dumb.

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