Larry Inman — Resolve One Issue, They Raise Another

The Larry Inman recall effort scored a victory when the Michigan Supreme Court validated their petition language despite a missing word.

The ink was barely dry before the Michigan Secretary of State threw the recall effort out for a new reason. This time, they were saying that the recall group didn’t challenge them invalidating the signatures soon enough. Of course, there was nothing to challenge because the Secretary of State had already thrown out the entire petition.

In general, a recall sponsor has 60 days to collect valid signatures.

So in other words, is the time period to submit signatures stayed while the Secretary of State has declared the entire petition invalid for other reasons, or is the clock still ticking? The Secretary of State said that the clock was still ticking, and somehow the sponsor of the petition was supposed to know that while they were fighting the Secretary of State for throwing out the entire petition, improperly, they were also supposed be acting as though that wasn’t happening and the petition was moving ahead. The Michigan Court of Appeals gave the opposite answer which is just to extend the deadline and review the signatures on their merits.

Michigan law doesn’t specify whether the timeline stalls when the sponsor is challenging a declaration that the petition as a whole is invalid. 

Inman’s attorney is flapping his arms that the sponsor of the recall petition should have known the rules. However, there really aren’t rules for when a petition has been thrown out and the decision is being appealed. There are unique circumstances here, and it’s not the Secretary of State’s first time being overturned in this very case.

So it was an issue and then it stopped being an issue because the Court of Appeals ruled as soon as it became an issue.

Next we’ll see if the Secretary of State is going to throw out the petition again based on the number of signatures, or for some other reason that I can’t even dream up. It seems like the Secretary of State is cooking up any means necessary to prevent the recall from going to vote. I believe that if the recall goes to election, it has a high likelihood for success, since the people coming out to vote would be more likely to be passionate about the issue. Why would a Secretary of State bureaucrat who works for a democrat SOS want Inman to stay in office? It’s hard to speculate – because he’s pretty much a democrat anyways? Because he’s almost certain to lose to literally any democrat nominee in the next election, but a fresh face might do better? As for as the recall petition goes, it certainly feels like, to borrow from Taylor Swift, that people throw rocks at things that shine.

Meanwhile, Betsy Coffia be watching all this like:

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