Larry Inman Says You’re Not Guilty If You Say You Don’t Remember

Larry Inman’s lawyer says: “You can’t be accused of soliciting a bribe if you sent out some text message you don’t even remember.”

But when the charges first dropped, Inman told the press, “Text messages can be taken out of context.” He never said he didn’t remember them.

Inman went on: “There’s always the thing that happens before the text message and things after that text message,” said Inman, R-Williamsburg. “So my attorney has asked me not to respond to questions on text messages, but there is a reasonable explanation of my communication with the carpenters.”

That was reported in the FREEP on May 16. Again, nothing about not remembering doing it, just that things happened before and after the message that makes the message out of context.

And when Inman sent the text messages, he said, “We never had this discussion.” Sounds like he didn’t plan on remembering doing it when he did it.

What else can you get away with by saying you don’t remember doing it? We’ll see soon enough if the defense works for Inman.


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2 thoughts on “Larry Inman Says You’re Not Guilty If You Say You Don’t Remember”

  1. “I don’t recall doing anything you said I did that might have been illegal. Allegedly.”

    One thing is certain; the GOP would like to forget this matter. Most of them already have. Allegedly.

  2. If Inman was so out of it, how did he know to ask for a bribe instead of say for example the weather report, betting odds or just to say yada etc. I think specifically asking for money for himself shows intent and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

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