Larry Inman Steals a Page From a Movie Script, Won’t Resign

When I read the headline about Larry Inman and the opioid treatment, a little-known Lindsay Lohan movie from 2009 came to mind. I say little known because the movie plot was so good it was released straight to television.

So the plot goes, Lohan’s character is really bad at her job. When the boss goes to fire her, she tells him that she’s pregnant, and it’s discrimination to fire a pregnant woman. Lohan’s character later explains that she saw it on an episode of Law and Order that it’s discrimination to fire a pregnant woman. She keeps her job.

It’s like Larry Inman has been watching his C-rated Lindsay Lohan flicks, because as soon as the House Republicans called for his ouster for soliciting bribes in exchange for votes, he came out that he’s in treatment for opioid addiction. Inman’s revelation came only two days after house representatives introduced the resolution to have him expelled. You all better stop criticizing me and start being supportive, Inman says. Inman’s attorney says that Inman’s opioid addition “could be a very real problem.” Could be a very real problem.

House Speaker Lee Chatfield says that he’s not going to move the resolution forward because of Inman’s could be opioid revelation. In other words, Inman knew to play the addiction/treatment card, and it worked. Linsday Lohan’s art imitates life. The resolution has not gone to a vote.

What’s interesting is that Inman addressed his opioid use when he was arraigned in court. He told the judge that the medications didn’t interfere with his ability to work and think, except when taken in extreme doses. So did Inman lie to the court? Or is he taking “extreme doses” of medications but still refusing to resign?

This C-rated movie plot would be a big joke, but Traverse City is the same town that elected a drunk driving mayor. The “recovery court” defense might work in Grand Traverse County, but Inman is playing with the big kids in federal court. Maybe it will work there, too, we’ll watch and see. And is he driving on these opioids? That’s a whole other problem.

If this doesn’t work, next, he can say that he’s been abused by a priest.

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