Larry Inman Still Thinks He’s Next In Line

Larry Inman thinks we still need more of Larry Inman. He says he might run for U.S. Congress or for Wayne Schmidt’s Senate seat.

Inman says nobody wants him not to run: “I haven’t had one person say, ‘Get out of here.‘”

Uh…over 11,993 people signed your recall petition, Larry. 11,993 people want you to get out of here.

Jason Allen tried the next in line for Congress thing, and lost out to Jack Bergman. However, he still landed in taxpayer-funded pension land. No word if he won’t be able to help himself and run again if and when Bergman retires, or if he’s happy with the current state of being a career politician.

It sounds like the tone of the judge may have had an influence on the case. The judge seems to be trying to discourage prosecutors from seeking a retrial, even though a judge doesn’t have the authority to tell a prosecutor what they should and shouldn’t prosecute. An attitude like that creates an added hurdle for a prosecutor, who must not only convince a jury that they’re right, but that the judge is wrong, when that tone inevitably comes across in front of the jury.

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4 thoughts on “Larry Inman Still Thinks He’s Next In Line”

  1. I have also been troubled the ‘tone’ of the judge. Shouldn’t his involvement in this matter have ended at the verdict?

    And, with a retrial, maybe the FBI can track down that state legislator, Steve Marino, who was able to so effectively avoid their requests for an interview.

    I simply had No Idea it was so easy to duck the FBI – not from so many years of news reading and TV watching. Well, maybe a street person could, with no address. But a state elected official, with a state office, regular hours, a fixed residence? How is that possible?

    Imagine how the movie Goodfellas might have gone if those guys knew those tricks!

    Steve Marino should produce and sell an infomercial with those tricks. It’d be wildly popular, among a certain crowd. Wait – that name is familiar – was he in Goodfellas?

    Rep. Marino ‘made himself unavailable’ for Inman case

    Grand Rapids — State Rep. Steve Marino’s name came up repeatedly during the first week of Rep. Larry Inman’s federal bribery trial, but the Macomb County legislator supposedly hasn’t been available to tell his story.

    Jeremy Ashcroft, special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, testified Friday that the FBI tried to scheduled interviews with Marino, R-Harrison Township, who sat next to Inman on the House floor. The interviews didn’t occur, and Marino stopped returning calls, Ashcroft said.

    Similarly, Inman’s attorney Chris Cooke said Marino “made himself unavailable.” Cooke said he had an investigator out trying to subpoena Marino without success.

    Inman testified in court on Friday that Marino said he was going to call Lisa Canada, the carpenters’ political director, to make sure the 12 Republicans who were potential no votes on prevailing wage “got some sort of campaign check.”

    Inman also testified that Marino played a key role in his ultimate decision to vote in favor of prevailing wage repeal.

    On the day of the vote, June 6, 2018, Marino suggested Inman talk with Reps. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township, and Dave Pagel, R-Oronoko Township, about prevailing wage repeal, according to testimony.

    Macomb legislator described as central figure in bribery trial ‘unavailable’ to FBI

    Macomb legislator described as central figure in bribery trial ‘unavailable’ to FBI

  2. They found him! The FBI found Marino!

    And, shocking, his testimony is problematic. What an unexpected surprise. Who would have ever guessed.

    I wonder what he would have said if he hasn’t had the transcripts of the trial to read prior to speaking with the FBI?

    Quick, Pixar! Make a movie of this amazing event!

    Thanks to the R-E for staying on this story.

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