Larry Inman Wants Trial ASAP

Attorneys who are prosecuting Larry Inman for asking for bribes want a 30-day delay. The article was a little vague, but it looks like it has something to do with the – the-opioids-made-me-do-it defense. Reading between the lines of what Inman’s attorney said, the prosecutor wants time to line up their own expert witness to refute the assertion that you don’t know what words are coming out of your mouth after a little light opioid use.

Inman is using a diminished capacity defense. That because of his opioid use, he was incapable of forming the specific intent to ask for a bribe. I guess if I were on the jury I’d want to hear about similar acts or errors that Inman made in the same time frame. If he really had diminished capacity because of opioid use, how did it show in other ways of his life? Is this the only way that it manifested? Did he have other problems in his personal life? I would want to see those problems in order to consider a diminished capacity defense. I would consider it if there was clear evidence that he made other significant personal mistakes in the same time frame. I don’t know what examples of those would be. And if he really has diminished capacity, why isn’t he resigning? Isn’t he worried that something like this is going to happen again? Shouldn’t he be?

The State of Michigan calls B.S. on the diminished capacity defense. But this is federal court.

You would think Inman is going to be voted out at the first opportunity, but we didn’t get rid of the mayor after a drunk driving conviction. But then again, this is greater Northern Michigan we’re talking about and not just Traverse City. And this is a public trust thing, not a drunk driving conviction. Inman’s next election is going to be interesting to watch to say the least.

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1 thought on “Larry Inman Wants Trial ASAP”

  1. In 2018 Inman, after an incredibly lackluster first term and with all of the advantages of an incumbent GOP party member and gerrymandering, retained his seat by only 349 votes over Dan O’Neil.

    I suppose the drug abuse is why he won’t be able to recall his alleged co-conspirators. Btw, has the GOP repealed the law the protects big pharma from lawsuits in the state of Michigan yet? I think Engler signed that one.

    Maybe the people who voted for Inman can also claim drugs made them do it? Victims of big-pharma, every one of them?

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