Larry Inman’s Aide Shoplifting Case Update

So you know how Northern Michigan state rep Larry Inman’s aid was accused of stealing something from Costco? And we’re not talking about just circling the samples twice.

There’s been a development in that case:

The prosecutor has filed an amended complaint in the case according to the case ledger. Usually, that signals a plea deal, but the case ledger doesn’t exactly say. Retail fraud cases have a lot of different ways to resolve. They’re usually a slap on the wrist unless there’s a criminal history or some kind of extenuating circumstance.

We’ll continue to follow the case.

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2 thoughts on “Larry Inman’s Aide Shoplifting Case Update”

  1. Sadly, this needs another update.

    I checked the court record for this case in April. The state of the case record is very odd. Never seen anything like it and I’ve looked at many of these local records. This woman should have been breezing to complete of her probation. She mainly just needed to stay out of Costco. Easy, right?

    The record has one additional line, added on March 6 –

    “Comp 3 days of CSW in lieu of 6 days jail”

    That’s it. No other supporting entries. Normally in cases of probation violation there is a hearing and a plea on the violation. And all of that should appear in the case record. But not in this one.

    1. What triggered this additional sentence?
    2. Where are the other court records associated with the sentence? Were they sealed?
    3. Did I read it right – 3 days of community service in lieu of 6 days jail? How is 3 days of community service comparable to 6 days in jail? Is that really typical?

    IIRC, Inman was under investigation and interviewed by the FBI back in August 2018, right? Given that huge event, it seems possible that some in the local system knew about the investigation before it went public. I suppose some would have reason to keep this quiet. Is that what happened?

    I passed this tip along to the record eagle back in may, with all of these questions. I have checked back multiple times since. But crickets. I even spoke to the acting editor. I suppose it does not help that court reporter Mark Johnson has moved on. I tried again a week ago, with Mark’s replacement. They haven’t looked into it. How long does it take to check the court record online? The new owner of the record eagle seems much less interested in reporting on our local government.

    I am less concerned about Ms. Ackerman and wish her well. I want to know about the records, the missing details, the sentence equivalence, etc.

  2. Clearly, you’re looking for a conspiracy, but the reason the record eagle didn’t do anything with this was probably the fact that line item simply indicates she completed her community service (which was three days, instead of six days in jail). This is extremely common. Nothing to see here folks.

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