Exclusive: Larry Inman’s Campaign Aide Arrested, Both Prosecutor Bob Cooney and the Woman’s Defense Attorney Donated to Inman’s 2016 Campaign

When you’re at Costco, it’s one thing to hit the samples twice. It’s another thing to try and walk out with a speaker. But that’s what Larry Inman’s campaign worker supposedly did. The woman now faces charges of shoplifting.

The woman already did what the insiders do – she hired the Traverse City insider’s attorney, Chris Cooke. Cooke is a known supporter of Inman and has been a donor to Inman’s political efforts.

The woman’s pretrial isn’t set until 11/6. But Cooke is awfully confident in the woman’s case already, saying, “I think it’s all going to work out just fine for her.” What does he mean by that?

And oh yeah, Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney has also donated to Larry Inman’s 2016 campaign. Here’s the link where you can see it for yourself.

Her bond conditions include that she’s not allowed to go to Costco. So that’s a punishment in and of itself.

The seriousness of a shoplifting offense depends on how much you try to steal. Third-degree shoplifting charges are the least serious for amounts under $200. Charges get progressively more serious for larger amounts of products.

We’ll report on what “…it’s all going to work out just fine for her” means as the woman’s case moves through the courts.

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