Larry Sevenski Takes Broken Nose Bash to Federal Court

Do you remember when the Michigan State Police broken an old man’s nose and then claimed he deserved it and the video went missing? Of course you do. We all remember that.

What happens depends on who you believe. Bar owner Larry Sevenski says the police were sitting outside his bar on St. Patrick’s day harassing his customers. The Michigan State Police say he tried to assault them and resisted arrest. A jury convicted Sevenski of restricting and obstructing a police officer.

Of course, there should have been police cameras to answer the question of what really happened. But the police claim that the video stopped working only during the portions showing the alleged assault.

Sevenski isn’t done. Now he’s suing the Michigan State Police for excessive use of force. In the octogenarian take down, the police managed to break Sevenski’s arm requiring 8 pins. And they broke his nose and reaggravated an old shoulder injury.

You would think that the case would be subject to the Northern Michigan law enforcement special, in other words, a quick dismissal in order to protect those in power. However, Sevenski brought his case to federal court. In other words, what happens to Sevenski’s claim of federal force isn’t up to the local powers that be. We’ll report on what happens.

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