Local Courts Postpone Trials, Access to Justice

The 86th District Court has announced that they are postponing a host of hearings and trials.

The delays include:

  • Any hearing involving someone “vulnerable.”
  • Any civil case when anyone asks for it. (Anyone who thinks they’re going to lose should put their requests in now.)
  • Jury trials
  • Hearings for criminal defendants as long as the defendant is not in custody.
  • Show cause hearings for collections matters that were going to occur on March 26.

Do you agree? I believe that courts shouldn’t close unless hospitals and emergency services are also closed. Access to justice is that important.

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2 thoughts on “Local Courts Postpone Trials, Access to Justice”

  1. Tricky situation, isn’t it?

    For many things, people can choose not to go when they are sick. But if you are expected at a hearing, you don’t have that option. Imagine the people going through security, hacking their brains out. Coughing on those folks who secure our courts.

    Who pays? For example, if someone paid to have a process server serve documents, and the other party requests an adjournment, who pays?

    In cases where expert witnesses have been hired and scheduled, the cost of a delay could be far more substantial.

  2. The real question – what is happening at the jail?
    What steps is Sheriff Bensley taking to protect the inmates in his charge? Some of whom have not even been convicted of crimes (not that it should matter).
    How are jail staff, and all who access the jail, being screened?
    Are temps of inmates being taken multiple times a day, and is there a quarantine plan?
    Have jail staff been trained on the plan? Or is it gonna be a “we’ll make it up as we go along”?

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