Local Law Enforcement Solves a Hit and Run

Law enforcement solved and issued charges in this hit and run in less than a month. The defendants have no known ties to law enforcement or influential politicians.

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2 thoughts on “Local Law Enforcement Solves a Hit and Run”

  1. When are all the judges gonna be hold responsible for violating our constitutional right ? They all set on there thrones, and tell lawyers to bad appeal it if you dont like it the are crooked not judge Stepka, only honest judge in traverse city lm glad at least one day they will face judgement by God and hope fully then they will be accountable finally

  2. Without some proof, I can’t buy the insinuation that the Boyce-Hurlbert hit and run case remains unsolved due to connections, etc. But I’m not part of the rumor mill.

    It is unfortunate that no residential security cameras along the entire potential route captured footage of the suspect vehicle. I assume there was video availability analysis of all the possible routes from the scene, and even in and out of town, and the footage. ATM’s, gas stations, intersections, etc. They probably spent a lot of time running that down.

    It is interesting that the recent proliferation of door bell cameras has really changed the dynamic of solving a case like this.

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