Local Lawmakers Mum On Socials About COVID Crisis

Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson posted a lengthy explanation on Facebook for why he voted against extending the emergency COVID order. 461 words to be exact. He posted 461 words of communicating with his constituents. As of this writing, his words have been shared 8,500 times.

That’s 461 more words of explanation and 8,500 more shares than our local lawmakers. Larry Inman, you know the guy who just wanted to get back to serving his constituency, hasn’t posted on Facebook since June 6, 2019. His latest post? A letter from his lawyer that he sought treatment for opioid addiction.

Wayne Schmidt keeps sharing infographics about the stay at home order. One of the infographics isn’t even accurate anymore, since non-essential veterinary services are now banned. He’s also got a picture of people not practicing social distancing a mere two days before the executive order went into place.

Neither Schmidt nor Inman has been transparent with their constituents about their stance on the executive order and their reasons for the same.

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