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Harbor Springs police officer Matt Pater is accused of sexual assault. The victim says that she was 16 when it happened. She says Pater was 35 when it happened. She says she never told anyone about it, because who would believe her? He was a police officer.

The victim says it’s not okay that Pater is still working in law enforcement. He’s also the Harbor Springs Boosters Club vice president.

The victim says that the allegations involve forcible oral sex. She says it happened multiple times, and he threatened her with losing her job if she spoke up. She says it happened when she and Pater worked at the same nursing home. He was a security guard at the facility. He was a Grosse Pointe police officer but wasn’t on duty when the alleged assaults occurred.

Pater can’t get away with denying it all ever happened, because his Gross Pointe personnel file has copies of emails that he sent to the victim.

I would copy what the emails say, but then I would feel dirty. You can read about them in another news article.

The victim’s mother turned the emails into the Grosse Pointe Police.

And of course, the Grosse Pointe Police did nothing to investigate. Pater resigned shortly thereafter.

Instead of choosing a new career, Pater still thought he should be in a position of authority in society, and he took up policing in quaint Harbor Springs.

I’m sorry, Harbor Springs, all that money, and you decide to put this guy in charge of you?

So far the Harbor Springs City Council hasn’t said much. They say they’re waiting for more information.

Speaking of someone who works with children, the school liaison officer at TCAPS’ Central High School has a criminal history. Joseph Soffredine has an Operating While Impaired Conviction (the infamous ride home from the brothers in blue incident). He also faced assault charges in 1991. He eventually pleaded those charges down to drunk and disorderly.

Soffredine assault battery 1991 drunk disorderlyWhat happened that led to those charges? Two counts!?! Was it multiple victims or multiple swings? And an operating while impaired conviction years later. What happened? These incidents don’t weigh on Soffredine’s judgment? Not according to Traverse City or TCAPS.

More details on Pater as they develop.

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5 thoughts on “Matt Pater, Harbor Springs Police Officer, Under Investigation – Our Neighbors”

  1. To be any use as public knowledge, we need to see the results, Ron. Where can we get a copy? And why hasnt the Harbor Springs police Department released it?
    Ellie was able to show us a pretty sickening email from Pater to her. We also know, he lied about the emails saying it was part of a chain mail that somehow got to her. He also resigned and moved away after the emails were turned in.
    And all of that is actually public knowledge.

  2. Looks like his buddies are out spreading more irony, because it’s a COMPLETE lie that Pater passed a polygraph. He had his lawyer refuse the prosecutor’s polygraph, and that’s on record. You might be able to FOIA that.

    Speaking of, he was caught in a bold-faced lie about his email to a 16 year old girl, so it’s really just the reverse.

      1. There was no *prosecution* given the statute of limitations, NOT due to evidence per the prosecutors. You must have zero moral compass to want to defend a guy as sick as this one.

        And continuing the polygraph lie, I see. Irony at its finest. He REFUSED the prosecutor’s and state police’s polygraph.

        That email to a 16 year old girl sat in his personnel file for 18 years along with a number of other disturbing documents, and was verified by local and state police to be his. You have to be out of your mind to defend him given all the evidence and the prosecutors decision.

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