Matt Pater Won’t Face Charges For Alleged Sexual Assault

When the mother of the alleged victim brought disturbing emails to the Grosse Pointe police, the Grosse Pointe police did nothing. They didn’t investigate the alleged sexual assault that was said to have occurred when the victim was just 16 and Pater was a sworn law enforcement officer. No one did.

Now, it’s too late. Pater won’t ever have to answer for his alleged crimes. The local prosecutor says that they couldn’t have charged Pater if they wanted to because the statute of limitations has run for the offense. According to Pater’s supporters, Pater is cleared, innocent, all good, because the prosecutor isn’t filing charges. What they’re not admitting is that Pater isn’t facing charges because his buddies in blue sandbagged the allegations from an honest investigation.

It just goes to show you the double standard in Northern Michigan and throughout law enforcement. If you’re the “right” person, whoever that is, you can get away with whatever. The evidence against you will be put in a file and never looked at again. You’ll be allowed to leave without an investigation and take up residence in a new location.

Law enforcement has long lost the right to demand to be believed, just because they’re law enforcement. They lost that right themselves, through their own conduct.

The people of Harbor Springs deserve law enforcement that they can have confidence in. Is this what acceptable law enforcement looks like?

If you want to one-up Traverse City Area Public Schools for the most inappropriate school liaison officer, you could reassign him to work in the Harbor Springs schools.

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1 thought on “Matt Pater Won’t Face Charges For Alleged Sexual Assault”

  1. This is an absolute disgrace. If you are still thinking there wasn’t evidence, or it’s all being blown out of proportion, head on over to rhe facebook page, I Stand With ellie, you. An read FOIA documents obtained from the case.

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