Michael Estes – Traverse City Mayor

Former Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes weaved his way in and out of traffic lanes on the way home from a city commission candidate forum. Police stopped him and found he was significantly over the legal limit.

He gave the obligatory politician speech about how he regrets his actions. (As an aside why does the politician’s wife always stand dutifully by the politician as he gives his crocodile-tear-filled speech? Could a politician ever give a crocodile-tear, apology speech without his wife standing there?)

An 86th District Court Judge accepted Estes’ guilty plea before the prosecutor could realize that Estes had a prior alcohol-related driving offense. Or at least that’s how the prosecutor claims it all happened. Estes received 18 months probation.

What’s more shameful? The fact that our mayor was caught drunk driving, or the fact that we re-elected him?

Since the Traverse City police actually believe in dash cams, (unlike the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department), you can watch Mayor Estes fail his field sobriety tests here.

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1 thought on “Michael Estes – Traverse City Mayor”

  1. Obviously, communities up here don’t mind their government officials driving around drunk. Not very good examples for police if you ask me.

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