Michael Peters – Traverse City, 2016

Just in case you thought Traverse City is full of tolerant, sophisticated people, the Traverse City Police gave us Michael Peters.

At the height of the 2016 Presidential campaign, 18-year police veteran Peters tooled around our lovely Open Space flying a confederate flag, and just being kind of obnoxious. He resigned shortly after.

The incident brought Traverse City nationwide attention and embarrassment.

The only good thing that we learned from this episode is that it’s not illegal to drink in the Open Space.

Did he think he could do whatever he wanted, just because he was a cop, or was he not thinking at all?

Read more:  http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/michigan/2016/11/13/traverse-city-cop-suspended-driving-confederate-flag/93768238/

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